The Autonomic Healing Podcast - Conversations with Tom Pals

Create Contentment

November 21, 2023 Thomas Pals and Ruth Lorensson Season 2 Episode 22
The Autonomic Healing Podcast - Conversations with Tom Pals
Create Contentment
Show Notes

Welcome to the Autonomic Healing Podcast with your hosts, Tom Pals and Ruth Lorensson. Tom and Ruth talk about creating contentment in their ABCs of thriving. They delve into the deeper layers of contentment, challenging conventional definitions and emphasizing the importance of understanding it within the context of community and connection.

Tom challenges the traditional definition of contentment as a state of satisfaction and happiness, asserting that it doesn't necessarily involve happiness. He introduces the term "autarky," emphasizing individual sufficiency within collectiveexperience. The discussion touches on the myths of rugged individualism and human interdependence.

Tom and Ruth highlight the need to navigate the balance between independence and dependence, stressing the importance of recognizing humanity's communal nature. They introduce the concept of "me, we" or "we, me" - acknowledging individual sufficiency while being integral to the collective experience.

Drawing on insights from previous episodes, such as accepting adversity and believing in beneficence, Tom and Ruth discuss the significance of perspective in creating contentment. They explore the idea that contentment arises from a realistic and rational perspective that deals with challenges authentically.

Join Tom and Ruth in the next episode as they continue exploring the fundamentals of thriving on the Autonomic Healing Podcast.

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